Don't Blink

Spring crocus

It’s the first day of spring! Here in Michigan, early spring can be a roller coaster ride. 80 degrees one day, 30 the next. Sun, snow, sleet, ice, thunderstorms — maybe all in the same day. The early flowers have emerged, with crocuses and snowdrops blooming now, hellebores and daffodils not far behind. With luck, they will defy the elements and last a while to be enjoyed. 

Eventually the weather will get warm and stay that way, but when? And how long before it goes from warm to hot? Some years we seem to get only a couple of days of mild, pleasant temperatures between winter and summer. Don’t blink, or you’ll miss spring. 

Whatever’s going on outdoors, indoors we're anticipating the change of seasons, packing away the heavy fabrics and subdued colors in our wardrobes and bringing out the lighter, brighter clothes. And of course, jewelry to match. 

Floral designs are an obvious choice for spring. I’m lucky to know several local glass artists who make beautiful beads with flowers on them; the photo below shows some examples. From left to right, the glass artists are Sandra Helm, Patricia Venaleck, and Anita Spencer. Look for these items (and more) in the shop soon.

Spring jewelry with floral art glass beads

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