It's Groundhog Day!

Is there anyone who has never seen the movie? Is there anyone who has never felt like Phil, living the same day over and over? When your life is “same old, same old,” do you find it safe and comfortable? Or boring?

Is the alternative any better? Maybe. It depends on what’s going on and whether you intended for it to happen. Your long-awaited dream vacation: perfect! “Interesting” weather in the forecast: no thanks. An exciting new career opportunity: great! Big changes at the company where you work: hold on to your hat. (I learned to hate the word “reorganization.”)

The quieter days and slower pace of winter can be nice, for a while. But by now that “six more weeks” of winter promised by the groundhog might feel like six months. You’re getting restless, but you don’t have the energy to take any life-transforming actions. 

Time to find simple, stay-at-home activities to relieve the boredom. I’ll be making creative desserts, reading lots of books (I’m old-fashioned that way), browsing the garden catalogs and thinking of spring. Listening to my favorite music — but if “California Dreamin’” comes up, I may have to skip that song.

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