Nothing But Flowers

Mirandy rose

If you’re a gardener, you know the frustration of spending a long, cold winter stuck inside, looking out at a landscape with varying proportions of gray, brown, and white. In the spring, you check the weather forecast obsessively to see when you can get outside and plant. 

What to plant? Almost anywhere you live, you have lots of options. Trees and shrubs make a good foundation of greenery, and hostas are nice if you don’t have deer around to eat them (if you do, try ferns and ornamental grasses).

Growing your own fruits and vegetables gives you a great sense of accomplishment along with the enjoyment of really fresh produce. It’s delayed gratification, though. Harvests are weeks or even months away, especially if you’re planting from seeds.

What really gets people excited, flocking to the garden centers any time the weather is favorable, is the FLOWERS. Annuals and perennials, with blooms in every shape, size, and color that you can imagine (and then some). I’ve been out flower shopping a few times already, finding new varieties to try along with my old favorites. 

The season is never long enough, so enjoy the flowers while you can. For something more permanent, add flowers to your jewelry collection. You can find a style for any occasion: elegant and dressy to fun and casual. 

Here are some of my floral earrings, all made with beads by Michigan glass artists. From left to right:

  • Peony earrings, with beads by Anita Spencer
  • Spring Sky earrings, with beads by Patricia Venaleck
  • Arcadia earrings, with beads by Sandra Helm
Spring floral design earrings by Elfin Rabbit Artisan Jewelry

You can find these in the Spring Collection in my shop.

For the record, I can’t take credit for growing the pink beauties in the photo at top. It’s the Mirandy rose, which I photographed at Descanso Gardens in La Cañada, California.

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