Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Bee on spiderwort

I live in the northern suburbs of Detroit, far enough out to see a variety of wildlife in the area. You could easily guess that the rabbits are my favorites. They nibble a bit on my plants, but mostly they’re content to browse the chemical-free lawn for goodies such as clover and dandelions. Is it just coincidence that their favorite snacking spot is in front of the gate to the vegetable garden?  

I could get into a long rant about deer, so I won’t even go there. There are squirrels, of course, providing comic relief.  Raccoons, possums, chipmunks, skunks, the occasional toad or non-venomous snake, and birds of all shapes and sizes. 

Once when I was working in the garden, a fox passed within a few yards of me — it was incredible to be that close to such a beautiful animal. But usually the critters keep plenty of distance between themselves and me. Bees are an exception; I do my gardening right along side of them, and we don’t bother each other. 

I’ve seen everything from tiny bees a fraction of an inch long, to honeybees, to big round bumblebees. I like knowing that I’m supporting pollinators, not just bees but also butterflies, birds, and even bats. My garden is registered in the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge, an effort to create and register a million pollinator-friendly gardens (both private and public) across America. If you have a garden and would like to join, go to http://pollinator.org/mpgcmap/.

Each year since 2007, a week in June has been designated as National Pollinator Week, to increase awareness of pollinators and how they can be sustained. This year it’s June 18 - 24; see http://pollinator.org/pollinator-week for resources and an interactive map of events. 

If you want to show your support with pollinator-themed jewelry, you can find some in my shop. One pair of earrings, with flowers and butterflies, was featured in my last blog post. And these earrings have bee charms and really nice amber beads:

Honeybee earrings with antiqued brass and amber

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