About Elfin Rabbit Artisan Jewelry

Color is magic to you. You might have a favorite color, but seeing anything colorful makes you happy. A rainbow, a garden in bloom, a stained glass window ... pure bliss. So of course you need color in the jewelry you wear.  

Lampworked glass beads are the perfect accessory for the person who loves color. Meticulously hand-crafted, one at a time, they are tiny works of art. I select only the finest beads, buying many of them from artists whom I know personally. I choose different elements to complement each bead — beads or charms of glass, crystal, gemstone, metal, or ceramics; distinctive earwires; or handmade bits of wirework or chain maille. The result is a unique piece of jewelry, created specifically to showcase that bead.

Although I started with, and still love, lampwork beads, my explorations of jewelry design have led me in new directions. Colorful gemstones — subdued or bright, common or rare — can play the starring role instead of a supporting one. And geometry can take the place of color in creating visual interest. Art Deco and mid-century modern design are beautifully simple, streamlined styles that I recreate using both modern and vintage components.

Enjoy browsing my jewelry collections. Like the colors in our world, they change with the seasons, but I hope that you will find something that delights you.