Artist Profile

Hello, I'm Linda, founder of Elfin Rabbit Artisan Jewelry. I didn’t start out as an artist. From an early age, my career aspirations were on the technical side. One dream was to be an architect, but I was forbidden to take drafting class in seventh grade (no girls allowed), so I put that idea aside. Fortunately, a few years later I learned computer programming. I loved it and decided that's what I would do. 

And I did, for 30 years. Artificial intelligence, speech recognition, Web sites — the job changed as technology changed. I got to do a little bit of design work, but mostly I was writing code. I found respite in art museums and galleries, botanical gardens, nature preserves, and architectural sites, not realizing that these places would later inspire my own art.

I collected small art glass objects, starting with a Perthshire paperweight and a Swarovski crystal cat and mouse, gifts from my parents. Eventually I discovered lampworked glass beads and began making jewelry with them. The first pieces were simple strung designs; then I added techniques such as wirework and chain maille to my repertoire. I decided to take my jewelry making from a hobby to a business, so I created Elfin Rabbit Artisan Jewelry.

No, I don’t have a rabbit; I don’t have a bunny-suitable space in my home. But I have plenty of stuffed toy bunnies to keep me company in my studio, and wild cottontails in the back yard.